Welcome Home Sam!

We have a new addition to our family! When I first uttered these words everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed at my family house.

Then I said, it’s the oven. It was my long overdue gift from hubby dearest. I have been hounding him to buy me one since like forever. So just when I nearly gave up on him, to my utter surprise he bought this on Valentine’s Day. It’s a different story he acted weird the whole day giving me excuses that he was too busy to buy me something hence will treat me to a dinner instead.

I got this after the day ended and I was sulking for the lack of my gift, candies, flowers throughout the day. Don’t blame me I am a hopeless romantic.

I was as jubilant as a new mother. So this post is dedicated to my beloved oven which shall stay with me in my moments of despair and in happiness.

Baking used to be a stress buster and how I used to long to bake the lovely recipes I found online or in glossy magazine spreads.

Here I am excited to start baking after almost 19 months of separation. And I did go bake-shopping 3 days in a row to get all my kitchen pantry full and the cabinets stuffed with baking pans, ramekins, tart, parchment paper, cookie cutters, food color, different types of chocolate and the works. Poor husband thinks I have sworn to have him bankrupt *Exaggerating* he is a sweetheart and loves me following my passion. He also has a terrible sweet tooth.

So Welcome Home Sam!

p.s. I like to give nick names to things / people I love 😛


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