Banana Strawberry Smoothie

I’m addicted to smoothies for breakfasts in summers and love to have an array of fruits ready at home which allows me try different flavour combinations!

I do not like bananas much! However this time around I had a change of heart and added a frozen banana. It lends a creamy texture and the strawberries masked the banana flavour for me.

I cannot stress enough how good strawberries are for us. It is loaded with essential nutrients and contain antioxidants which shields the immune system from many diseases. It also lowers the risk of diabetes, strokes and cancer. Is this the reason I eat them ? Not completely, I love them!

Fruit Bowl

The shiny and lovely red brightening many fruit bowls and just plain regular oatmeal. If I skip smoothies, I pack myself an box of fruits and granola bar. It make breakfast more exciting while at work!

Boxes of strawberries lined up neatly on supermarket shelves remind me of my summer trips to Mahabaleshwar. It is a small hill station some 300 odd kilometres away from Mumbai. A few kilometres away is Panchgani where Mapro is located.

They have berry farms and as I kid, I recollect going there and having the fresh strawberries and later having them served with vanilla icecream. They also had a strawberry cream which was a hit with my family!


Serves : 2

The Magic happens in : 5 minutes

1 frozen banana diced
1 cup fresh strawberries diced
1 Zespri kiwi diced
1/2 tsp super seed powder
300 ml strawberry juice / mix fruit juice
Few fresh strawberries and blueberries to garnish

Blend all the ingredients together and serve them immediately!


You could add honey or agave syrup if you want the smoothie to be on a sweeter side.

Until next time happy cooking! 🙂

Very Berry Smoothie

My husband does not believe that I used to give my mum a really hard time having fruits as a kid. I used to hate every fruit, with strawberries and mangoes being an exception.

As a teen, I took a liking to oranges, sweet limes and kiwis mainly because my friends at college were obsessed with orange juice with chilly cheese toast to be had on an almost daily basis post our tuitions. I gave in due to peer pressure and my mum could not thank my friends enough.

Fast forward to last 6-7 years and I love fruits. In fact I look forward to having smoothies, fruit juices with breakfast and fruit based sorbets and frozen fruit yoghurts as desserts. A transformation of sorts!

With Dubai summers having dawned on us, smoothies are a staple breakfast accompaniment these days. Last weekend I was quite nostalgic about my college days back in Mumbai and as an ode to the chilly cheese toast and juice days, I made the same for breakfast.


Sahil loved the smoothie. I used bottled Lacanor mixed fruit juice since I was not keen on yoghurt based smoothie that day. Below is the recipe for the smoothie loaded with the goodness of antioxidants and all essential vitamin C and E. This is low in fat and offer high fiber and mineral content.

2 Zespri Kiwis
1 cup chopped srawberries
1/2 cup blueberry
400 ml Lacanor mixed fruit juice
Juice and pulp of 2 fresh oranges
1tsp flax seed-super seed powder
1 tsp runny honey (optional)
A few ice cubes (optional)

In a blender, add all the fruits, juice and seed powder and mix well.


At my place, I usually powder flax seeds and super seeds in a spice grinder and keep it in an airtight jar.

I use this mixture in smoothies, muesli, granola parfaits, cookie and cake mixtures. Flaxseeds and other super seeds are great source of getting iron, fiber, folic acid, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B. I do not support taking supplements, I much prefer getting these essential nutrients by natural sources.

I skipped the honey this time since the berries were sweet enough for our liking.

Berry Smoothie

I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I did. Until next time may the Sun God be kind to us in this part of the world! 🙂

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post. I have not collaborated with Zespri or Lacanor brands in specific. I prefer them over others and hence the mention.

Mango Milkshake

April was a great month, I had extended family over and my parents also paid me a visit. I did all the touristy things by taking a week off from work, stayed home, shopped till I literally dropped and ate out most of the time.

My parents brought in a carton of my favorite Alphonso mangoes and me and hubby squealed with joy. This meant we had access to our favorite fruit. We knew gulping down tall glasses of mango milkshake would be the norm for the next week or so.

Fresh Mangoes

Mango is the national fruit of India and Alphonso mangoes are supposed to the best of all the varieties when it comes to flavor and texture. It is widely grown in Ratnagiri region and it is commonly known as “Hapoos” in Maharashtra, a state in India from where I belong. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A and C and also strengthens the immune system.

In my parent’s house, summers meant making the most of the seasonal produce. Mango Milkshake, Home made mango ice cream, Smoothies, Aamras puri, Mango Shrikhand, chopping up raw mangoes to make pickles and using the semi ripe variety to make mango chutney, the many ways in which my mom and grandmother used to incorporate this wonderful fruit in our daily routine.

I have fond memories of eating raw and semi-ripe mango cut in chunks and seasoned with rock salt and a pinch of red chilly powder outside my school from a vendor. But my favorite part was mango milkshake, many people use vanilla ice-cream in the milkshake to make the texture creamier but me and Sahil love mango to be the hero of the drink. Here’s how we make mango milkshake at our place.

3 ripe Alphonso Mangoes
500 ml Full Fat Milk
4 tsp white sugar
A few drops of vanilla essence (optional)
A few ice cubes

Peel and chop up the beautiful juicy ripe mangoes. Just look at how pretty they are, don’t be tempted to dig in! 😛

Cut Mangoes

I always submerge mangoes in cold water for a few hours before using them. This also lowers the heat quotient in the fruit.

Add the cut mangoes with sugar in a blender.

Mango + Sugar

Reduce or increase the amount of sugar as required depending on how sweet the mangoes on hand are. I have experimented with substituting the sugar with honey and brown sugar but did not like the taste hence chose to stick to the classic.

Manho Pulp

Blend it well and then add milk. You may add vanilla essence or crushed cardamom powder to enhance the flavor towards the end. I keep alternating between one of these as per my liking.

Mango Milkshake

Blend well and add few ice cubes. Give it a mix again and serve it chilled and top it with some cut mango pieces or chopped nuts. I used cashews and a few raisins.

Mango Milkshake 1

Serve with a smile!